Tea & Vulgarity

As one listener put it, “It’s Bridgerton meets This American Life.”

Fetch your smelling salts! The Victorians were right naughty! Lady LeTITcia and other denizens of the social register clink cups and read scintillating erotica from … Victorian-era England. Every few episodes, we break character to chat about the history, education, and questionable sides of this underground world.
NSFW. 18+. Episodes are roughly 20 minutes each.

Emma Goldman: Love Is Indeed a Stranger Tea & Vulgarity

In the last installment of Goldman's "Love and Marriage," we read her case for what real love means.
  1. Emma Goldman: Love Is Indeed a Stranger
  2. Emma Goldman: The Hideous Epithet, Bastard
  3. Emma Goldman: A Mute Beast Fattened for Slaughter
  4. Emma Goldman: Slavish Acquiescence to Man's Superiority
  5. Emma Goldman: Remaining Strangers