Tea & Vulgarity

As one listener put it, “It’s Bridgerton meets This American Life.”

Fetch your smelling salts! The Victorians were right naughty! Lady LeTITcia and other denizens of the social register clink cups and read scintillating erotica from … Victorian-era England. Every few episodes, we break character to chat about the history, education, and questionable sides of this underground world.
NSFW. 18+. Episodes are roughly 20 minutes each.

Flea-Sized Pod 14: Her Posterior's Aperture Tea & Vulgarity

When I recorded this, I didn't realize the new subleaser was still home…oops.
  1. Flea-Sized Pod 14: Her Posterior's Aperture
  2. Flea-Sized Pod 13: The Huge Genitals of Father Clement
  3. Flea-Sized Pod 12
  4. Flea-Sized Pod 11
  5. Flea-Sized Pod 10