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“Talley Gale is that rare actress who can achieve wonders with the subtlest of means, as she totally invests herself in her character and the moment. She is irresistible without relying on glamour or resorting to theatrics.” —Trip Advisor review of Oldcastle Theatre

“Talley Beth Gale may haunt your dreams when she materializes in later scenes as a thoroughly wrung-out Ophelia, ghostly of pallor and singing a tuneless ditty in a ragged, bloodstained shift.” — San Diego Tribune

“delightfully funny with [her] bodily movement and comic timing.” — The Philadelphia Inquirer (of Private Lives)

“Talley Beth Gale is downright creepy as the undone Ophelia, offering a slightly less disturbing version of Eurus Holmes.” — Culture Vulture

“…a wonderful multilayered portrait…as she takes a stand at the end of Act One, a moment of assertiveness hangs in the air as a note of desperation. I couldn’t have liked it more.” —The Berkshire Edge (of Proof)